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Receive a negative verdict? Attorney Robert Hauser appeals decisions of complex cases. Give yourself the best chance of having a favorable resolution.

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Even if you lost a court case and face loss or disruptions in business or your personal life, you have a chance to turn the decision around with an appeal. And if you decide to appeal, don’t risk squandering that opportunity by hiring an inexperienced lawyer to handle your appeal. Many trial and transactional lawyers, for example, are not comfortable with or experienced in handling an appeal. Ask a specialist with hundreds of prior cases for help.

Attorney Robert J. Hauser has been licensed in Florida for 25 years. Today, he is a partner in the West Palm Beach firm of Pankauski Hauser Lazarus PLLC. Board-Certified by the Florida Bar as a Specialist in Appellate Practice, he looks for fresh legal strategies and themes that could make a positive difference.

His extensive appellate experience in a variety of practice areas such as intellectual property, business disputes, medical malpractice and family law make him well-positioned to address any appeal issue.

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Taking a business matter to court may be the only effective way to resolve a disruptive problem or legal dispute. The fate of your business may hang in the balance.

Attorney Robert Hauser leverages his extensive litigation knowledge and experience for clients in the greater West Palm Beach area. He litigates a wide range of legal disputes in both state and federal courts. Difficulties with businesses, partnerships, trusts, estates, guardianships, bankruptcy and property matters can come to a positive conclusion with Mr. Hauser’s professional help.

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