Earning Results After Adverse Decisions

Attorney Robert Hauser is board-certified as a specialist in Appellate Practice by The Florida Bar and handles litigation and appeals in cases involving business disputes, professional negligence, medical malpractice, intellectual property, divorce and property disputes.

With decades of litigation experience, Mr. Hauser has earned his reputation for winning appeals, even after a client’s trial attorneys have failed. Mr. Hauser has handled more than 125 cases across all Florida district courts of appeal and before the Supreme Court of Florida.

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Robert J. Hauser

Winning Complex Cases

Facing a money judgment or disruptions in your business can seriously affect the success of your company after losing a legal challenge. While it might feel like you have run out of options, getting a different result is still possible. Skilled litigation attorney Robert Hauser can illuminate the details in your case to develop strategies for an appeal.

When businesses are in complicated disputes, intellectual property is being challenged or property ownership is disputed, knowing how to decipher these complex cases is key. Mr. Hauser has decades of experience skillfully appealing these types of cases in state and federal court.

It’s Not The End Of Your Case. Appeals Work.

Even though you may have lost your case and are now staring down a damage award or disruption in your business or personal life, there is still hope for a better option. Working with a skilled litigation attorney, Robert Hauser, can strive to turn an adverse decision and its aftermath into a positive situation. Learn how Mr. Hauser can help by calling 561-268-0233 or using our online contact form.