Appeals And Litigation

Getting Results Through Litigation And Appeals

Losing a legal decision or trial is often a frustrating experience. It can feel like you are out of options. Though the case was not decided in your favor, it does not mean there are no other legal actions to consider. Bringing an appeal allows your attorney to bring the trial court’s decisions to a higher court for further review. Usually the appellate court uses three judges, instead of one. Attorney Robert Hauser is well-versed in Florida law and appellate rules and has experience overturning judgments on appeal. He will guide you through the process and strive to obtain the results you seek.

Mr. Hauser has extensive experience litigating and appealing cases in several practice areas such as:

  • Business disputes and bankruptcy
  • Intellectual property
  • Medical and professional malpractice
  • Property disputes
  • Family law, divorce, guardianship

Having a skilled attorney with you through each step of your case, from initial litigation through to final appeal, can be the difference between failure and success.

Securing Success After Negative Outcomes; When To Appeal.

If you lost your case and believe the judge or jury made an error during the trial, you are entitled to appeal the case to an appellate court. You generally have 30 days in state court to file a notice of appeal after the date the order was filed. Generally, a panel of three judges will review the case for errors and make a decision. If they agree with your argument for reversal, they may send the case back to the trial court. Alternatively, they may directly order a different result. And in some cases, even if you lose the appeal, you may have the ability to go to a higher appellate court. For example, the Supreme Court of Florida has the power to review certain Florida appellate court decisions.

On the other hand, even if you were successful at trial, do not risk losing that result. Make sure you have an experienced appellate attorney defending the decision and explaining to the appellate court why the judgment should be upheld.

Preserving A Favorable Outcome

If you’ve been successful at trial and your opponent has appealed, you need a highly-skilled appeals attorney to advise you on your chances of having your outcome affirmed. Let us offer you our insight. Get the best advice to determine the chances that your judgment might be set aside. Call us today.

We Can Consult With Your Lawyer

We can help your trial attorney. In situations when an issue may be appealed, we can help craft the best possible argument. We can help your lawyer optimize your chances of success at trial or appeal. Some of the ways we offer litigation support include:

  • Writing briefs
  • Writing jury instructions
  • Advising lawyers on what to argue
  • Doing research
  • Writing arguments

We can also attend court with your trial attorney and argue the issue, that way we ensure you have received knowledgeable litigation from an experienced appellate lawyer.

Start The Appeals Process Now; Call Attorney Robert J. Hauser.

Litigation and the appeals process are notoriously difficult. But overturning a negative case outcome is always a possibility so long as you protect your appellate rights. If you’re facing trial and need an experienced attorney, you can count on attorney Robert Hauser’s 20-plus years of skillfully representing clients in appeals and litigation. Call 561-268-0233 to set up a consultation today or use our online contact form.